Welcome to OPENutrition.com! My name is Heather Kelly and I'm an evolutionary sports nutritionist and certified psychology of eating coach. I've had the pleasure of working with hundreds of people from all around the world to help them develop a nutrition plan that leaves them feeling HEALTHY. STRONG. and SATISFIED. It is my personal mission to teach everyone how to feed themselves in a delicious and sustainable way.

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Love, Heather

My Life as an Eating Psychology Coach

Check out my interview with the Institute for Psychology of Eating on my life as an eating psychology coach.




Before I worked with Heather 1:1, I couldn’t stop obsessing about food.  It’s all I thought about, so much so that my life was at a stand still.  I couldn’t eat with out being terrified and often when I would eat I would be completely out of control.  She taught me so much about how to eat to make myself feel good and to be optimally healthy but more importantly she brought my attention to all the things in my life that I was missing by measuring my self worth by a number on the scale.  Heather brought my life to life.  Now instead of waiting for life to happen to me, I figure out what I truly want and make it happen.  My life is healthier and more vibrant since working with her and I am so grateful for everything she has done for me.  As a person she driven, wise beyond her years and passionate about helping others.  Her spirit is truly contagious and I would recommend working with her to anyone and everyone.


Working with Heather 1:1 was monumental in my journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life. I was frustrated that food and body image was once again bombarding my thoughts and I was consistently disappointed in my aesthetics and performance. I wanted to work with Heather to develop a solid foundation and improve my relationship with food. I had years of unhealthy habits under my belt and Heather helped me strip all of that away as well as get my mind in the right place and realize that I don’t need a sexy diet or crazy workout regimen. What I needed was to find pleasure in food, eat to fuel my body, sleep, and everything else will fall into place. What I was able to develop with Heather’s help was a sustainable relationship with food.  Heather is honest, knowledgeable, and invested. She puts everything she has into helping you with whatever goals you may have. I would highly recommend working with Heather and OPENutrition.


Heather's challenge rocked my world! If anyone knows how to get you pumped and prepared it's this woman! Heather provided unparalleled support. Daily, I'd wake to an email to keep me motivated, inspired, and I needed it. She provided simple recipes and a clear, concise nutrition outline for me to follow. I also appreciate the opportunity to ask Heather anything and she'd ALWAYS have an answer! I gained confidence that I can make a goal and achieve it with the proper planning and intention. I had a surplus of energy, and lastly, lost several inches in my midsection and a few unwanted pounds. I felt 100% supported the entire way. Her challenge broadened my perspective of health and nutrition and what I can achieve in just a few weeks.